Mick Gyure - Actor

Acting Coaching, Private Lessons and Classes

Mick Gyure specializes in on-camera acting for film, televison and commercials, with the primary focus on teaching actors how to create real and authentic performances.

Based in Northern New Jersey, Mick is available virtually using Zoom or in-person. Additionally, frequent on-line classes are also available, where actors can continually work on improving their skills.

Services and Areas of Training:

  • Private lessons
  • Acting and Audition Coaching
  • Self-tape Assistance
  • Acting Business Overview
  • Learning the Technical Aspects of On-Camera acting
  • Transitioning from Stage to Camera Acting
  • Script Analysis


See what some students are saying...

"I have been working with Mick for the past five years. Mick has taught me the foundation of acting so I can begin to build and play with my characters. We spend time working to understand the emotions, goals, and inner voice of a character while working with the camera to create an authentic and real performance. He pushes me out of my comfort zone and gives me the tools to become a transformational actor. Mick is always available when I need him and provides a safe space to foster growth. Mick has helped me immensely to become the actor I am today!"
~~ Lauren F.

"Mick Gyure is an incredible acting teacher. His passion for teaching brings joy and fun every week. Each class is filled with techniques on how to interpret dialogue, studying script analysis, and scene work. He takes his time with each student and works on their full potential. From the minute class begins until the very end, Mick puts his heart and soul into creating the best environment virtually, and in-person. Mick is a talented, kind and hard-working individual. His advice, skills, teaching, and positive attitude help his students process each moment by helping them gain the ability to dig deeper into the emotions of the scene. Mick encourages you to go the extra mile by being authentic, and staying true to yourself."
~~ Samantha C.

"Mick has a passion for acting and has so much experience, knowledge, and skills to share. He guides, supports, and challenges you to be the best actor you can be. The materials and exercises he uses to facilitate his class are high quality, fun, and educational for the current world of film and theater acting today. He helps you build on your current and natural acting skills and then guides you in exploring roles you might not have considered to aid in building your range. He truly cares and is invested in his students growth and success.
Since taking his classes I have received leading role in two plays."

~~ Michele L.

Classes and Private Lessons

For questions and more information on classes or services, please email Mick at mickgyure@gmail.com

Private Lessons and Coaching

Private lessons are an excellent option if you need assistance with a specific scene for a project, audition, self-tape, or if there is something specific you need to work on that needs improving. Private lessons can be a single session or span multiple sessions depending on the actor's needs.

Rate: $75.00 per hour. Package rates are available.

CLASS: TV and Film Audition Technique & Scene Study - 6 week on camera course (Online - ZOOM)

This class is a combination of script analysis and scene performance. Throughout the course of this class, scripts will cover various aspects of film and TV scenes.

This class requires an audition, to evaluate the level you are at.

Class Overview:

  • Class will be online using ZOOM. A link for class will be emailed out each week.
  • Students are emailed a scene each week a few days before class that students will analyze and prepare to perform in class.
  • Class will start with an initial recording of each student performing their scene as they have prepared it.
  • Afterwards there will be a discussion and analysis of the scene.
  • Each student will then do additional takes of the scene based on notes and adjustments.
  • After class there is an optional review of the different takes.
  • Videos will be uploaded to Google Drive for students to be able to download or view within a few days after the class. Videos will remain available for at least 30 days after the last class.

Class Cost: $185.00

Getting Started In the Acting Industry

Are you looking to get started as an actor and do not know where to begin? This one-on-one session covers all the elements you need to move forward in the acting industry.

Included topics covered:

  • Headshots
  • Resume
  • Website and online materials
  • How and where to look for work
  • Union verses non-union jobs
  • Agents, managers and casting directors
  • Review of any existing materials

Session Cost: $125.00 (Estimated time: 90 minutes)

For questions and more information on classes or services, please email Mick at mickgyure@gmail.com